Friday, 7 January 2011

Digital Printing Do You Really Need Talent ?

Being on a course that has a big element of digital print it got me thinking. Do you really need to be able to draw or do you just simply use a photograph and manipulate that in photoshop ?. I'm saying this because it seems that so many digital prints are made from photos not drawings and in this i think it looks static it dosen't take much to layer a few photos, i speak from being on a course were a majority of people do that, you do not need to have great colour sense to create a print that would give the impression that you have you just simply click a button a TA DAHHHH you have a fantastic range of colours. Before you go excuse me don't you use digital print a lot ? and yes i do i adore photoshop but not because of how easy it can be once mastered but because of just how many colours you can use unlike if you was screen printing i draw lots i layer in my sketch book i create art that i then scan in to photoshop i never make my work look over photoshopped i play with the levels, layering and size thats about it. My main point it is the orginal work has been drawn my me i simply have not taken photos of lights or if i have i've bleached into them pictures by hand inked over them drawn over them put them back into photoshop then i have printed them on to fabric and embroided on to that fabric to add yet another depth. Photoshop should be a tool just like a pencil not a means to create easy fast static textiles that so many do. That could just kill that wonder before it has fully exploded.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Big Canvas For Big Ideas

Summer project were do i start !, as i was flicking through my current sketch book i thought my god the drawings and ideas look as if they're fighting for room in there, this always tends to be my usual style with sketch books like a little heaving hub of ideas and its made me think about taking these ideas and making them a much larger scale  and an image of such a large scale can provide many more ideas. So out i got a rather large canvas that i've had for about 4 years now and just got a bit creative i forgot just how much i loved doing this the freedom and expression it creates. Not only do i love the final outcome but i loved the escape that doing this provided me with i havn't fealt so lost in something for so long. Now looking at the canvas its started to make me think about a translation to fabric watch this space !!